Our Blockchain Games & Apps

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis, the first blockchain-based mobile game, combines the collection and strategic aspects of Trading Card Games (TCG) with an intuitive battle system typical of Arcade games. The game has been successfully launched in April 2017.

Book of Orbs

Book of Orbs is a wallet and gallery for collections of blockchain assets. This mobile and online app works in conjunction with Spells of Genesis as well as other games.

BitCrystals publishing platform

BitCrystals is a blockchain ecosystem for gamers, collectors and game creators. This publishing platform allows you to create limited-edition of digital assets and collections on the blockchain.


Released in 2010, Moonga was ranked #1 Role Playing Game in the Japanese AppStore and among the top 50 games of all categories the same year. It has been discontinued in early 2018.

About us

EverdreamSoft (EDS) is a Swiss-based company specialized in the development of mobile games and applications. EverdreamSoft explores new technologies and their integration in the gaming industry.

With its flagship game, Spells of Genesis, publicly launched in April 2017, EverdreamSoft has pioneered “true ownership” of digital assets to their players, while building a base for blockchain integration in games. The company has developed bitCrystals.com, a Blockchain Publishing Platform which allows more game studios and artists to embrace blockchain technology and issue collections of blockchain assets.

In Bitcoin we trust
EverdreamSoft accepts payments for any of their services in Bitcoin and BitCrystals.



the Blockchain Ecosystem for Gamers, Collectors and Game Creators

Our mission is to build an innovative gaming ecosystem where players have full ownership of their digital property on the blockchain.

Our platform associates our cryptocurrency, our digital wallet, partner games and a wide network of players and collectors.