Project ORB

Ownership Revolution on the Blockchain

The acronym “ORB” stands for “Ownership Revolution on the Blockchain”. It’s a project name for a Blockchain Gaming Platform.

Project ORB aims at developing a Blockchain Gaming Platform for easy management and trading of blockchain-based game items such as “ORBs.”

There are currently more users playing online games, however physical games’ players are willing to spend in average more money for game items. Why? The reason is very simple - those who purchase a physical game item really own it, they can resell, gift or exchange it, whereas the digital game assets are, in a traditional game, locked in the game database. Project ORB is offering an alternative to the status quo on digital assets - true ownership of game items accomplished by using the Bitcoin blockchain.

The Blockchain Gaming Platform, composed of a Gaming Wallet for players and a Gaming Center for developers, will allow the issuance of game items represented by tokens on the blockchain. Furthermore it allows to transfer or trade them in a secure and transparent way.

The Gaming Wallet - Book of Orbs - is a mobile app (available on Google Play, iOS users can download IndieSquare wallet ) functioning as an album for digital game assets as well as offering tools to sort, trade and exchange them directly on a secondary market. The Gaming Center, intended for game developers and IP owners, allows the creation, management and distribution of digital game assets while monitoring and tracking all the transactions in a secure way.

EverdreamSoft’s Spells of Genesis, published in April 2017, is the first game on the platform. Since then, several other game developers, as for example Mandelduck with Sarutobi Island or SpacePirates’ Age of Rust, have decided to embrace the blockchain technology.