Client projects

Romainmôtier Abbey Church

The application "Romainmôtier Abbey Church" (Abbatiale de Romainmôtier) allows you an autonomous and interactive tour of the beautiful site of Romainmôtier. We were in charge of the iOS development and the beacon technology. Project in collaboration with 8bitstudio (Conception & Design) and MobileThinking (Android development).


The EDLAH International Research Project consists of creating a service system for the elderly to stay autonomous as long as possible. The project is built for a tablet and offers five different services such as Health and Nutrition, Social network, Medicine and Object location. The project consortium is composed of three companies, two research institutes and two nursing homes.


Benjamin is a geek obsessed with computers, computer games, and computer gadgets. At work, he’s a programmer writing code like a fish in water. But as soon as he turns off his screen things start to get complicated. Though he’s very chatty with other World of Warcraft avatars, interactions with other humans are a totally different story.

Ben.exe is a good-humoured comic that takes you in the footsteps of the most awkward Don Juan in the world. It’s a comic dedicated to all of you out there for whom coding in MS-DOS is less of a mystery than catching a girl.

Sergent Bork

Sergent Bork is an agent of the Space Brigade and is given different missions, such as exploring unknown planets or save diplomats held as prisoners in appalling cells. He will try to accomplish these missions with his very own style… Stunts, smash, crash, bash, cyber dogs, cocktail sausages, welcome in the Space Brigade!


EyeRadars is a speed camera warner for iPhone using GPS to geolocate you. Every time you're approaching a speed camera, EyeRadars will alert you.

EyeRadars uses FoxyTag, the world largest speed camera database. This collaborative database allows you to signal or confirm existing cameras. By participating, you create automatically trust links with other users and get in return particularly reliable information.

Cameras around you are downloaded from the network and updated every 5 minutes. More information and a map with all the speed cameras can be found at