Blockchain Ecosystem for Gamers, Collectors and Game Creators

Bitcrystals is a blockchain ecosystem for gamers, collectors and game creators.

The BitCrystals ecosystem associates our cryptocurrency, our digital wallet, partner games and a wide network of players and collectors.

Our Currency

BitCrystals is the cryptocurrency of choice in our gaming ecosystem.

Our Digital Wallet

Book of Orbs is our digital wallet app for gamers and collectors. Gather and trade digital assets on the blockchain.

Our Blockchain Publishing Platform

The BitCrystals Gaming Platform ushers in a new era of crypto goods creation and ownership. Gamers and game creators have the ability to create, issue, manage and monetize their in-game digital creations on our blockchain publishing platform. We want to build a fairer economy in an era of “digital craftsmanship” where anyone will be able to express their talents and benefit from the expertise of others.

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